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Dr. Muhammad Awais Sidhu

Welcome to Sidhu Vet Clinic! We provide expert services for dairy and fattening, livestock care, business planning, nutrition, goat farming, breeding plans, surgeries, and pet health. Trust us for comprehensive and tailored veterinary care for your animals.

Optimizing Dairy Health through Expert Veterinary Care and Nutrition
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Expert Care for Your Beloved Pets: Visit Our Vet and Pet Clinic

At our veterinary clinic, we provide top-notch care for your furry companions. From routine check-ups to emergency surgeries, our dedicated veterinarians and staff are here to ensure your pets receive the best possible treatment. With modern facilities and caring staff, we guarantee your pets stay healthy and happy.
Trust us to be your partners in your pet’s well-being.

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Ensuring Happy Livestock, Satisfied Farmers

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We love Animals

Veterinarians are dedicated professionals who provide medical care and support to animals.


With digital tools and automation, tasks like record-keeping, appointment scheduling, and client communication become more efficient.

Personalized care

Whether it's preventive care, diagnostics, or treatment, my goal is to ensure every patient receives the utmost care and compassion to lead a healthy and happy life.

Peace of mind

Knowing that your pets are receiving personalized attention and top-notch medical expertise brings comfort and peace of mind to both you and your furry friends


Transparency is a cornerstone of my veterinary practice. I believe in open communication and honesty with pet owners regarding their animal's health and treatment options.


Teamwork is vital in my veterinary practice. I collaborate with a dedicated team of professionals, including veterinary technicians, assistants, and support staff

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All about Animals Health

Livestock, Cow, Buffalo, Sheep, Goat, Poultry and Pets.


Livestock farming, also known as animal husbandry, is the practice of raising animals for various purposes, such as producing meat, milk, eggs, wool, or other products. Common livestock animals include cattle, pigs, poultry (chickens, ducks, turkeys), sheep, and goats.

Dairy farming is a type of livestock farming that specifically focuses on the production of milk from dairy animals, primarily cows. Dairy farmers raise cows and manage their nutrition, health, and milking routines to produce milk, which is then processed into various dairy products like milk, butter, cheese, and yogurt.

Farmers ensure the well-being of their livestock on a dairy farm by providing them with proper shelter, clean and comfortable living conditions, access to fresh water and balanced nutrition, and regular veterinary care. They also practice humane handling techniques and allow cows to express natural behaviors, such as grazing.

There are several dairy cow breeds used in dairy farming worldwide. Some common ones include Holstein, Jersey, Guernsey, Brown Swiss, Ayrshire, and Milking Shorthorn. Each breed has its unique characteristics, such as milk production levels and milk composition.


Right now, we accept three payment methods: Direct bank transfer, JazzCash, and Easypaisa. These methods work for people in Pakistan.

Yes, we provide follow-up support to ensure continuity of care and address any additional questions or concerns that may arise after the session. Feel free to reach out to us for further assistance or guidance.

In the Pet and Vet session, I offer a range of veterinary services, including consultations on pet care, dairy farm consultancy, treatment advice, and nutrition guidance.

For emergencies, we recommend contacting your nearest veterinary emergency center immediately. However, you can still reach out to us, and we’ll do our best to provide guidance and support until you can get professional help.

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