About us

Who We Are

At Sidhu Vet Clinic, we are led by Veterinary Doctor, Dr. Muhammad Awais Sidhu. With a specialization in dairy and fattening consultancy, Dr. Sidhu holds degrees in DVM and RVMP (Registered Veterinary Medical Practitioner).


Where Pets and Vets Find Trusted Care

Our Impact

At Sidhu Vet Clinic, we’re not just about treating animals; we’re about making a difference. We’re dedicated to improving the health and happiness of pets while also supporting and empowering veterinarians. Together, we’re shaping a better future for all.

Mission & Promise

At Sidhu Vet Clinic, we promise to prioritize your beloved animals and pets’ health and happiness. With our dedicated team of professionals, we commit to delivering compassionate care, personalized attention, and reliable support to both pets and their owners.